Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Shelter; Developing Intuition/Life Skills- The Education Whisperer

Being a successful educator is a combination of innate ability and learned behavior.  It takes a special person to choose to dedicate their lives to teaching. Once established, you will want to do what successful teachers do; shape, help, lend advice, and ultimately see student success come to fruition. So given the challenges you face along side of your students, there is not a one- size fits all method designed to make everything perfect. Besides, how many times are we told it is not our job to do these things?  Keeping your distance becomes the script re playing through our minds. It is almost as if we OVER compensate by remaining stoic, standing feet planted within the soft concrete of our perceived professionalism. The longer we remain, the harder it becomes to change.  Once the concrete solidifies, our best efforts to break away and try something new are in vain. Just as students gain reputation, so will you.  In the world of Urban Education, there is no “static pose.” You must evolve, continually.   It is time to put the music in the background, and start by being a mentor, an example, a caretaker, an advocate, a hero.

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